Wave Goodbye to Email

For sometime now I have been of the opinion that email is broken. It worked at the time but now over 90% of email traversing the internet is spam. Sure, there are pretty good anti spam and anti virus systems but I honestly think we are just postponing the inevitable. I have had this conversation with friends many times and mostly they disagree but I honestly think we need something to replace email

Google Wave

Ive just watch the 80minute talk about Googles Wave and I think they really could be onto something. It combines rich interaction with very social features and its kind of an opt in model, like Facebook or Twitter, where you have to add people to your system. This means no unsolicited waves.

They have been working on this for two years and it looks really good. Dont take my word for it, go and check out the video here

Finally, and I have saved the best until last, they will be releasing it under open source so that you can set up your own Wave platform and it has federation built right in so that it will interoperate with other Wave platforms brilliantly

Lets hope this finally kills off email – it had a good innings but its time for it to go now


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  1. Looks like good stuff, nothing new as per say but like Apple for example its the implementation of the product, it’s ease of use and look.

    So what would it take for a product like this to replace email?

    With email, it doesn’t matter what email provider that user is using or what type of email server the provider is running, it is easy to email other people. Unlike social networking where I may need several social networking accounts to contact everyone I know.

    Email is pretty light weight, I can view and send my email using webmail clients, desktop clients, mobile devices natively, could even use a telnet client.

    For a system like this to take off it woud need to be cost efficient to implement. It would need to be able to work with existing email systems and existing authentication methods. It would probably need to be administered in similar ways to existing communication platforms. You need to be able to have data exchange between various 3rd party systems. You need to be able to use the system out side the browser, on software clients, mobile devices etc. You need to be able to offline.

    Once you add the above functionality some of the shortfalls of email start to come back.

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