Downtime, DR and the Cloud

Some of you may have noticed that this site was down for a little while. It seems my hosting company were victims of a massive incursion by malicious hackers and, at the time of writing, my original server still hasn’t been restored after 24 hours downtime.

While you have to feel sorry for them and all the extra work that they have been doing to rectify the issue now is a good time to go back over that age old question. Do you have a DR plan? Are you backing up, is your documentation up to date, have you tested a restore? Luckily I was in the process of documenting my setup when this happened and so my pain hasn’t been as great as I should imagine some others are experiencing

I think its also worth mentioning that, as I had no ETA of when my sites would be restored (or even if they could be restored by the provider) I moved everything into Amazons EC2 offering. This seems like an ideal platform for just such an occurrence, if you dont know how long your main site will be down you can very quickly get servers back on-line and then when and if your original platform is ready you can move back and you will only have had to pay for the hours/bandwidth that you have used.

If your on-line presence is important to you, and I cant think of many businesses that this doesn’t apply to, I would encourage you to look at adding something like Amazons Cloud offering to your DR strategy – and don’t forget to test, remember you only pay for the hours that you use and this is from as little as $0.10 an hour


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  1. Thanks Rich, will do. I will see how Amazon works out after having had the site there for a month. If it works out to cost what I expect, then I think I will keep OSG there


  2. I lost 2 VPSs with VAserv recently.

    One was a backup NS and MX and as I have 2 others it wasn’t an issue. This one came back up quickly.

    The other one was a monitoring server. This died with all the historic stats. Not to important but had to go through the pain of setting up another. This time I chucked it on one of my physical external servers. (Not ideal but as both the VAserv VPS and the Blue Square Physical servers are pretty much in the same building I’m not really loosing anything).

    I have a few VPS’s across a few providers. These were just set up as adhoc projects for customers when I didn’t have enough left over capacity to host them myself. Seriously thinking of just getting another physical server count and chucking these few VPS’s on though the server will probably have left over capacity on it.

    So if Amazon EC2 doesn’t work out economical let me know 🙂

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