Privacy through Add-ons – LeetKey

While at work the other day, I wanted to send a friend an email but I didn’t want it going through the corporate systems. It used to be that just using webmail was generally enough to give you this protection (using corporate email is obviously out of the question), but in these days of increasing surveillance and paranoia over Data Leakage I know that every packet is being inspected at the gateway for certain text patterns.

I could have used a webmail provider that allows HTTPS connections I guess, such as Gmail (and been sure to check the certificate) but I wanted more than that

Now there are plenty of solutions if you are happy installing some encryption software on your computer but I wanted something that wouldn’t alert people who were looking at my add/remove program list. For example I could use FireGPG but that needs you to have GPG installed and have copies of your public and private keys. Freenigma (new ownership BTW) is similar in that it requires public/private keys to have been setup in advance and didnt quite fit what I needed

Some may suggest Hushmail but things like this are nearly always blocked at the proxy when you work at a large company

All I wanted to be able to do was a little quick (and strong) symmetric encryption and simply text the password to my friend. I briefly considered coding something but that is way beyond my skill levels and I realised that if I wanted it, then surely Im not the only one who did. I continued my search and eventually found the solution in a not particularly obvious Firefox add-on – LeetKey

LeetKey lets you select some text on a web page and convert it into (and back from) Elite Speak,but it doesn’t end there. You can also do other conversions/transforms with it – such as Morse code, base 64 etc etc. It also lets you do 128 bit AES en/decryption ! Fantastic, that is exactly what i was looking for. So now I can have nothing more than a Firefox add-on and I can send private emails to people on the fly.

Why not install it and use the AES Decrypt function with the password monkey to decrypt the following text


Have Fun, OSG


I have to say I am really enjoying Netifera at the moment. Its a security tool that has most of what you need to do, like ports scan and look ups all in one tool. I think this is going to be one of those few times that someone decides to create a framework to base their tool in and it actually works. One of the reasons is that its plug-in based and it comes with a good range of them built in from day one.

Its written in Java and so I guess that means it is available on a wide range of platforms. They only list Linux and Mac at the moment but I don’t see why, given its Java based, it cant spread further.

Check it out for yourself – its available either with or without a bundled java environment –