Holiday Time Geekiness


Xmas holidays mean friends, family, far too much food and (hopefully) additional time to geek out and get some things done that you don’t normally get time to do.

For me this holiday time I’ve been absorbed by the following geeky stuff

getting this site tuned/updated and backups setup so that I can blog away without any worries – WordPress 2.7 is awesome by the way, a huge well done to that team

Upgraded my local mailserver (running Zimbra) – I love Zimbra, its just so good. I haven’t touched it for 116 days apparently (when it was shut down for a planned power outage) but it just keep on running without any complaints and stays on top of spam. After upgrading, as I had extra time, I decided to take a look at Zimbra Desktop – in short I like it, so its now installed on my laptop also.

Today I shall be upgrading my Zenoss server as well – again this is another amazing piece of software, rock solid and very well implemented.

Ive also been playing some more with Netifera (see earlier post) and also rediscovering Maltego – Maltego is useful if you are doing some domain research. Its nothing that you can’t do from the command line I know but its the way it represents it visually and groups it to other domains you may be investigating that make it pretty cool in my books. To understand more, check out their videos here here here and here

I’m so happy to have a hobby that so utterly consumes me. Being able to play with quality software packages such as those mentioned above (and many not mentioned) is almost entirely due to the FOSS community that contribute their work under the many open source licenses and much of it is done for free – so I just wanted to say thanks to all the FOSS developers for the best present ever; free software !

Happy holidays, OSG

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