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A good friend of mine, Jono Bacon, has just begun a new book. When he usually does this, I congratulate him and then give him a light hearted ribbing for having to use closed source software to write about Open Source topics. This time, as I was just getting ready to do so again, when he chirps in that it will be written in Free and Open Source Software – namely Open Office 3.0. Usually you have to be pretty dedicated to write a book without using proprietary software, you can either submit the book in in MS Word format or in Docbook format (like the Nmap book) but not this time apparently. Kudos to O’Reilly for this

Anyway, on to the book. Its called “The Art Of Community” and as Ubuntu Community manager I think he is pretty well qualified to write on the subject. The book will be available in two forms – a normal printed copy and it will also be available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share-alike license (for more see this site

I think its fair to say that Jono has a unique writing style and I for one cant wait to read it

Nice one Mr Bacon


Jono talks a little about using Open Source Software to write his book here

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