Server Move

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A few days ago I moved the server again. If you remember, after my last hosting provider was broken into by malicious hackers and I had no ETA for my server being available, I moved OSG into Amazons EC2 infrastructure.

The process was quite straight forwardand their clear pricing meant that I could be sure roughly how much it would cost. The only part I couldnt work out is the bandwith costs. Anyway I decided to leave OSG with Amazon for one month so that I could get an idea of the total cost of hosting a server instance with them.

Its been about a month now and the costs are in. The bandwith costs were tiny (probably due to the very small ammount of traffic that my site gets) and so my calcualtions were spot on.

Does it compare?

How does it compare ? Well thats not a straight forward comparison as my old server had 512megs of Ram and the smallest Amazon instance is 1.7gigs. So while the Amazon instance is more expensive, when you compare it to a server with the same amount of RAM its actually a very good price.

That said, I dont need all that extra RAM, so I have elected to move OSG back out of the Amazon cloud and back to a hosting provider.

Where did I go?

I have moved over to Linode – these guys seem to have good feedback on and my experience with them has certainly been very good so far compared to my previous hosting provider.

I will no doubt do a mini write up on that in a week or two but please let me know if anything isnt working


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