WordPress Auto Upgrade

Recent versions of WordPress have the ability to upgrade themselves at the click of a button. This has never seemed to work for me, instead it just asks for FTP credentials. I was told this was a permissions thing, that this is what happens if it permissions arent correct. So today I decided to look into it. Its really quite simple. On a web server, the service runs under an account context – in my case the account is apache. [Read More]

Hypervisor Shootout

Im a virtualization fanboy, sorry but its true. It solves so many of our problems (rollback of updates, power & aircon savings, operation resilience, zero downtime etc) and without any downside that I can think of. I use it at work and I use it at home – it rocks! Recently I ran into an issue with my home virtualization setup (I wrote about some of the issues here). My home setup is pretty straight forward. [Read More]

VMware Left Me

Was it me? I dont know, I was loyal, but they left me anyway – well thats how it feels Long Time Fan Ive been a long time (read 2000/2001) fan of VMware – they were the first and, you could argue, still are the best in their space. Im a Linux fan, have been for a while and one of the reasons that I liked VMware was because the software I bought from them (yes I paid for Workstation and upgrades) was available for my OS of choice. [Read More]

Open Source Music on Hold

I have been working on a new project for work that I thought I would share with you. At work our Music on Hold devices (the things that provide music when you are put on hold) have been going faulty regularly. The device we currently use is a Fortune 2000 MOH from Rocom. It retails for about £260If you are considering one of these devices, please read on. Faulty by Design [Read More]

Server Move

A few days ago I moved the server again. If you remember, after my last hosting provider was broken into by malicious hackers and I had no ETA for my server being available, I moved OSG into Amazons EC2infrastructure. The process was quite straight forwardand their clear pricing meant that I could be sure roughly how much it would cost. The only part I couldnt work out is the bandwith costs. [Read More]

Downtime, DR and the Cloud

Some of you may have noticed that this site was down for a little while. It seems my hosting company were victims of a massive incursion by malicious hackers and, at the time of writing, my original server still hasn’t been restored after 24 hours downtime. While you have to feel sorry for them and all the extra work that they have been doing to rectify the issue now is a good time to go back over that age old question. [Read More]

Wave Goodbye to Email

For sometime now I have been of the opinion that email is broken. It worked at the time but now over 90% of email traversing the internet is spam. Sure, there are pretty good anti spam and anti virus systems but I honestly think we are just postponing the inevitable. I have had this conversation with friends many times and mostly they disagree but I honestly think we need something to replace email [Read More]

Golden Rules of Disto Choice

Ive been on open source operting system user for a good number of years now and about 3 or 4 years ago, after exetensive testing, I came up with my “three golden rules of OS choice”. They were Centos on a server Fedora on a Desktop Ubuntu om a Laptop Two out of those three are obviously redhat based and so you may say why Ubuntu on the laptop? [Read More]

First Steps in the Cloud

Ive been a cloud *client* for quite some time, firstly with Gmail and Google docs, later with Dropbox and Amazons S3 storage (via Jungledisk). I’m also a fan of virtualisation and, while listening to a recent FLOSS Weeklynetcast with Ian Pratt, I found out that Amazons EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is indeed based on Xen. Now I had an interesting chat with one of the guys from Citrix recently also, I decided it was time I took a look at Amazons offering. [Read More]

Linux Epic Fail

When the phenomenon of the netbook first hit there is little doubt it was disruptive, it really shook the market place up. The majority of netbooks too advantage of a Linux based OS to keep the price as low as possible. This was an amazing opportunity to really drastically change peoples OS habits, if they could be shown that Linux is actually just as useful as the OS they (at least technically) have to pay for, it could well influence their future OS decisions for their desktops and laptops. [Read More]